Gamebuino's accessories kit


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Connect accessories to your Gamebuino META (or an Arduino Zero board).

Invent new original games and prototypes

Quick, easy and seamless assembly
Ideal for beginners and experimenting
Documentation in English

One Developer Backpack included !

Gamebuino META supplied separately

List of modules below

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What can you do with these accessories for your Gamebuino ?

Express your creativity with accessories for Gamebuino. Visit the forum for sample applications and chat with the community.
You can also use these accessories with an Arduino board.

The accessories included in the kit :

Accessories 1 : an HC-SR04 ultrasonic detector

One of the most classic accessories: this detector measures distances like a submarine sonar, but you won't hear anything: it's ultrasound ...
See the tutorial : on the forum

Accessories 2 : a SG90 9g servomotor

A servo motor is a small motor whose angular position is controlled.

Add this little arm to your Gamebuino!
See the tutorial : on the forum

Accessories 3 : infrared presence detector (PIR).

This type of detector is used in alarms to detect the presence of people, cats, dogs ....
See the tutorial : on the forum

Accessories 4 : moisture sensor

This probe measures the humidity level : for example control the watering of your plants !
See the tutorial : on the forum

Accessories 5 : precision joystick

This joystick is similar to that of consoles: the two directions of movement review an analog signal, as would 2 independent potentiometers. You can also click by tapping on it !
See the tutorial : on the forum

Accessories 6 : 2 rotary potentiometer

Two very nice potentiometers to control your games.
See the tutorial : on the forum

A Gamebuino Developer Backpack

To easily connect all these accessories, a Gamebuino backpack is supplied fully assembled!
Nothing to solder, all you have to do is connect the accessories.
You can order this backpack separately here 

A set of brackets

To make your life easier and to create your own applications, a set of wooden supports cut with love by Loyc in Saint-Etienne is provided.
And the little screws that go with it!

A set of threads with beautiful colors

Obviously, the wires necessary to connect everything are also in this kit.
No welding: everything is connected by inserting the plugs into the accessories and the Backpack.

Watch out for 3.3 volts!

The Gamebuino operates on 3.3 volts, do not connect a 5 volts power supply. If you add your own accessories, make sure they are 3.3 volt compatible.

Gamebuino META supplied separately

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